5.25.15 – Cash Rules Everything Around FB


Today’s news from around the Web in Social Media, Digital Marketing, Tech, Business, and Innovation:

  • Pay Your Friends with FB Messenger – whaaa?? Next time you and your friends are haggling over who will cover the diner bill, you might be able to pay each other virtually via the messenger app (you already can in NYC). My two cents is that many people will be too nervous to use it, considering half my friends don’t even want to download the app itself, I can’t imagine they’ll want to give it their bank info.  via engadget
  • FCC cracks down on spam phone calls and texts – YAAAS! Maybe now I won’t get all excited when I hear my phone go off and realize it’s just bunk marketers. In a nutshell – your carrier will be able give you the option to block robocalls, and opting out of robocalls and texts will be even easier. via the verge 
  • FB Gets Serious About Security – perhaps this is part of making us feel better about messaging money to our friends? Anyway, the largest social media channel on planet earth is testing new security measures with their “security check-up feature,” which will walk users through the important aspects of maintaining a secure account. via engadget
  • Four Square Improves Recommendations – In an under-the-hood update, Four Square now uses everything it knows about you (which is everything) to better customize your home screen’s recommendations. The new algorithm is said to be more “proactive and useful”. via TechCrunch
  • Girl Bosses Tina Faye & Amy Poehler are action figures – ’nuff said. via mashable
  • Apple’s answer to Google Now is in the works – apparently, holding down the home screen button and talking to Siri isn’t enough for people (or Tim Cook). Apple is working on a competitive component as an answer to Google’s “Google Now” that will provide info such as flight prices, allow a shortcut for your morning FB scroll, and more. via engadget
  • Study Reveals the Impact of Angels on Startups – and it’s positive. HBS and MIT professors teamed up to study the effects of angel investors on startups. What they found: angels increase (to varying degrees) survival rates, exits, employee growth rates, patents, and even web traffic. via Forbes
  • New iPhone Text Message Attack – right now it’s just a prank, but apparently texting people a certain arrangement of characters to crash their phone is a thing now, so watch out. via wired
  • Google Search Plans Roll Out of Linking with iOS Apps – soon when you click a search result that links to an iOS app, the app itself should open up, rather than the browser version. via the verge


TechCrunch’s recap of the 2015 Internet Trends Report according to Mary Meeker

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